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"A Wholly Owned Laboratory of Surprise Valley Hospital"

Advanced Medical Testing for Today's Practitioners

A Message from Beau Gertz, CEO of Cadira Group Holdings

The Surprise Valley Hospital is vital to the Cedarville Community and we at Cadira are committed to its future.  The resulting sale of the Hospital to Cadira Group Holdings will keep the Hospital open and caring for Cedarville residents, and allow each and every one of you to avoid the potential of millions of dollars in old as well as new financial liabilities.

For too long, the good people of Cedarville have agonized over the possible closure of the Surprise Valley Hospital due to inadequate financial resources.  Fortunately, the Town has been provided a temporary reprieve through bankruptcy protection and Cadira has made a $1.5 million loan to the Hospital so that the Hospital can maintain critical care services for the Community.  Had that not happened, there is little doubt that the Surprise Valley Hospital would have had to close its doors.  

As part of the loan agreement with Cadira, we were provided the right to purchase the Hospital in exchange for forgiving the $1.5 million loan and  


paying the Hospital’s then outstanding debts which are presently estimated will be about $3.85 million.  Cadira will also maintain existing patient care services and increase revenues from outpatient laboratory services within California through Cadira’s managed SeroDynamics Laboratory. 

In June, a measure will be placed on the ballot asking voters to approve the sale of the Hospital to Cadira in exchange for Cadira’s removal of upwards of over $5 million in Cedarville liabilities.   It is presently believed that the $5 million will comprise all of Cedarville’s liabilities so that there would be no additional taxes on the Town.   If voters do not pass the ballot measure and the sale of the Hospital and related commitments do not happen, Cedarville will likely lose the Hospital.  It’s your choice to make.  I hope you will vote for the ballot measure, keep Surprise Valley Hospital open, increase patient care and avoid enormous financial liabilities that no one can afford.

I will personally be in Cedarville the week of March 26, 2018 and look forward to addressing any questions the Community might have. 

Sincerely, Beau Gertz

SeroDynamics, "A Wholly Owned Laboratory of Surprise Valley Hospital", is a medical testing laboratory with a national reach, operating from new, state-of-the-art facilities in Denver, Colorado. We offer a proprietary testing model that delivers rapid and precise analysis of blood samples from state-of-the-art equipment, an innovative reporting format that makes reading and interpreting test results straightforward and intuitive, and detailed peer guidance from clinical experts to support physicians in their diagnostic practices.

Our testing menu includes tests for most commonly requested markers, including complete blood counts and complete metabolic panels, along with a variety of contemporary tests of important markers for inflammation, immunology, hormones, vitamins and growth factors. 

As testimony to our commitment to quality, we are CLIA licensed and hold CAP accreditation, so the physicians and patients who count on us for their important testing can be confident that they're receiving industry-leading service, responsiveness and accuracy for all of their results.

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Supporting rural community of cedarville, ca

Surprise Valley Health Care District does far more than provide patients with access to exemplary medical care. As a non-profit health care provider in rural Northeastern California, Surprise Valley Hospital is founded on the principle of improving community health. Our physicians and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care in our rural location. SeroDynamics, "A Wholly Owned Laboratory of Surprise Valley Hospital", will ensure that the people in Cedarville, California continue to have access to critical care.


The physician’s knowledge of the markers we identify and their clinical significance is supplemented by our proprietary peer guidance, which is provided for all tests that fall out of range. Physicians receive the insight of our team of professional physicians and their decades of experience evaluating these markers in the clinical environment, all to support the physician’s own best judgement in light of the patient’s current condition and medical history. Importantly, this peer guidance may also be useful in supporting the medical necessity of additional testing, lifestyle modification or the use of certain medical products.


The proprietary Lab Trac™ system employed by our lab facilities is a powerful tool for the management of practices of any size, supporting the physician’s ability to prescribe testing for his or her patient population and readily access data at a moment’s notice. An important feature of LabTrac™ is its ease-of-use and minimal learning curve – users find that they can navigate the system and make use of its broad range of features from their initial login, and once they are familiar with its full functionality, they recognize how significantly it eclipses the frequently cumbersome, time-consuming and overly complicated online resources made available by other testing providers. In particular, physicians report that they are most satisfied with the highly granular level of information we provide about each specimen processed, including full lab reports and peer guidance, all in a secure, HIPAA-compliant format.



Our proprietary reporting is designed to be user-friendly, providing physicians insightful information at a glance.
Physicians receive intuitive graphing of out-of-range results to give them a stronger sense of proportion and severity, and we’ve even made sure to use highly readable typography, because small details like that can make a surprisingly big difference in the physician’s ability to analyze reports and deliver an optimal level of care.

And, of course, there's the peer guidance that we're known for - insight from esteemed clinicians for key metrics, right there on every report. 


Supporting the rural community of Cedarville, California